Making a Will is not only for the wealthy or the elderly.

It’s for everyone! Ensure your assets go to loved ones.

Life can change in a moment. One minute everything is fine and the next minute you’re in a tragic accident or facing an illness or you die suddenly. Nothing can prepare your family for the shock and anguish. Life for your family will never be the same again.

The last thing your family need if you die without a Will is the added complications of a legal struggle on top of their raw emotions.

With your Will, you can ensure that your assets will go to your family so that they are taken care of.

Perhaps your situation and family needs would benefit if you get a Will with A Testamentary Trust. This allows more flexibility and benefits than a standard Will.

You also never know if you will suffer a permanent mental injury after an accident. To prepare for that possibility, with an Enduring Power of Attorney, you can appoint a trusted person to make decisions on your behalf about your house and your finances.

And, if you are concerned who will make decisions about your medical treatments during your incapacitated state, an Enduring Power of Guardianship allows you to appoint a trusted person to make those decisions for you.

If you have firm decisions about life support and your care if you are diagnosed with an illness or in an accident that leaves you incapacitated, you can make your intensions known in a Living Will (legally called an Advanced Health Directive).

In Western Australian, you have the freedom to decide how you want your hard-earned wealth distributed. It’s important you receive superior legal advice that will ensure your wishes are carried out.

Get the legal advice you are entitled to receive and that your family deserves.

Making a Will

Is making your Will too stressful? Or are you too busy ? Death has no schedule so don't wait until you have time.



The Supreme Court has proved and accepted the Will. The Executor can now distribute the assets.


Living Will & Advanced Health Directive

Do you have a Living Will to help your family make the right decision about your future health care?


Enduring Power of Guardianship

If you suffer an mental injury, decide who will make the best decisions about your medical treatments and where you will live?


Enduring Power of Attorney

If you suffer a mental injury, decisions about your finances and real estate cannot be made on your behalf unless you having an Enduring Power of Attorney


Testamentary Trust

A standard Will does not offer the flexibility and level of control over your assets you may want. A Will with a Testamentary Trust could be the answer.


Why your South African will needs to be updated


The biggest concern for most ex-South African couples with young children is “What will happen to my children if we both die.”

No one wants to face the possibility that your children could grow up without their parents. It is even more tragic if your children end up living with people that you know will not be the best carers for your children. The last thing you want is for your children to be caught up in a family tug of war or for them to be left with strangers.

It can happen unless you take responsibility and make decisions for your children that will be legally followed.

In the Ebook, you can read about what you can do to ensure you know who will be the carers of your children.

Plus! There is bonus information about what happens if you still have a South African Will, if your Will is out of date and, and why DIY Wills are a guarantee for legal fees.

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