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Blended families and the impact on estate planning

Guest blog by Marlize Venter. I come from a very close family.  I can still remember school holidays on my Nana and Pop’s farm. My mum was one of three kids and I was one of six cousins. I had a carefree childhood. When I was 20 years old, my Nana died. The slumbering dementia slowly awakened in my Pop and a year or so later he married a gold digger. My Pop was once prosperous farmer but he almost lost everything.  Was it not for the quick thinking of […]

The Festive Season Estate Planning Checklist

As December approaches, what checklists do you have in place for the festive season? Do you have a checklist of what to pack for your holiday? No doubt you have the usual checklist of food items to buy to make your favourite Christmas lunch?  And you are sure to have a checklist of gifts to buy for your friends and family? However, there is one checklist that you may not have but it could be the checklist that could make the biggest difference for you and your loved ones.  It’s […]