Making a Will

making a will

When is the right time to be making a Will?

What are the first things that come to mind when you think of ‘making your Will’? Is it that the process is too stressful, or you are too busy at the moment? Or, is making a Will something you do not think you need to do now? Or, is it something you think you can wait to do when ‘you get old’?

You may lead a busy life, and it ‘s hard to find a couple of hours in your day to meet with a Lawyer and make your Will. However, as you know, death has no schedule and can occur at any time. Do not wait until a particular date in the month or for a special event to pass before you make your Will.  If you put your busy schedule ahead of your priorities and do not make a Will, your loved ones may be the ‘victims’, and a family dispute will likely ensue.

You also do not need to reach ‘old age’ or wait until you have reached a milestone, such as marriage or the birth of children before you make a Will. From the age of 18 and regardless of how many milestones you have reached in your life, you are legally able to make a Will.

Have I written a legal will that protects my family, is a question I get asked each week.

The steps to making your Will may be stressful because you do not understand the ‘legal jargon.’ Or, it may be stressful because you do not know how best to distribute your assets to avoid a family dispute after your death. These are valid concerns. However, by putting ‘your head in the sand’ and not discussing your concerns with a Lawyer, will not resolve the situation. Your family’s dispute will most likely be more intensive if you die without a Will.

Call us and discuss your concerns about making your Will. You will be surprised at how easy the process is. Plus, once you have signed your Will, you will be relieved that you have ‘ticked the box’ in your life’s “To Do List.”

Nothing is more reassuring than knowing that your assets will be distributed to your family as you want and not as will be dictated by the Intestacy legislation.